4 Foods for a Diabetic Diet

Clients with type 2 diabetes need to rely on oral hypoglycemic drugs to preserve blood sugar levels. However, it is hazardous to count on either drugs or surgery for long-lasting benefits. There has constantly been some argument amongst doctors and nutritional experts on the function of diet plan in the management of diabetes in the long term. Proof suggests that specific foods can assist to curb sugar spikes and improve insulin resistance that might ultimately lead to less reliance on medications. Apart from call control, here are some foods diabetics can consume that can be potentially advantageous in preserving glycemic control.



Apples are an excellent source of soluble fiber that slows down the rise of sugar after a meal. In addition to this, they likewise help in controlling cholesterol levels. Research studies also reveal that consuming apples routinely can help in avoiding metabolic illness. It is thought that quercetin, a compound discovered in apples, help in enhancing glucose metabolic process of the liver and skeletal muscles. They are also known to contain polyphenols that assist to fight against different persistent diseases.

Green Tea


Teas are useful when it comes to diabetes, however green tea emerges as the clear winner. Green tea consists of the highest content of polyphenols in all the teas. Polyphenols help to metabolize blood sugar levels and enhance metabolic functions of the body. Green tea is also understood to consist of a high amount of antioxidants that can assist to fight cancer, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.



Research has actually revealed that nuts are highly beneficial for type 2 diabetes. Consuming nuts along with a controlled diet plan can help in enhancing blood glucose and cholesterol levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Almonds are known to lower blood sugar level and insulin levels after a meal. Cashew nuts help in lowering triglycerides, cholesterol levels, and improve HDL: total cholesterol ratio. Studies have shown that pistachios consist of the hormone glucagon-like peptide, which minimizes glucose levels and consuming a handful of pistachios can assist prediabetics in lowering or avoiding the threat of diabetes.

Fiber-rich foods


A diet high in fiber has been discovered as the key element in the management of type 2 diabetes. Consuming dietary fiber day-to-day changes in blood sugar levels and stimulates the sensations of satiety. A high-fiber diet is likewise understood to help in weight-loss, which is a crucial component of diabetes management. Soluble fiber found in cucumbers, beans, and nuts assist in decreasing gastrointestinal procedures and glucose absorption. Insoluble fibers like vegetables, beans, and carrots assist in including bulk to the stools and aids healthy elimination of waste products through the digestive tract.

Manage Your Diabetes with Your Diet

Manage Your Diabetes with Your Diet

With rates of obesity and childhood obesity climbing every year there are more Americans that are being diagnosed with diabetes.  Being diagnosed with diabetes, while frightening, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world.  Diabetes, particularly Type II is perfectly manageable with some lifestyle changes.  One of the most important factors in managing and controlling your diabetes is through your diet.  You can manage your diabetes with your diet easily and effectively, now let’s look at how.

Understanding Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes, Type I or Type II.  Type II is the more common of the two and it can often be attributed to sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet.  Obesity and Type II diabetes go hand in hand.  Diabetes affects the way your body processes sugar and if left untreated it can lead to blindness, loss of limbs, loss of vision and even death.  Diabetes is a serious condition that you need to take seriously.

Timing is Everything

You’re going to have to make changes in your lifestyle and the biggest one is going to be your diet.  You need to maintain stable blood sugar levels and you can do that by eating regularly and a diet of nutritious food.  If take out and junk food was a big part of daily life you’re going to have to change that.  One of the things that will help manage your condition is regular meals and regular exercise.

Set aside time each day for regular exercise, now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take up marathon running, but you can go for a walk.  Try swimming a couple of times a week at a local pool.  As far as diet goes, one of the things that you are going to need to learn is to eat regular meals and snacks at regular intervals.  The easiest way to make this happen is to shop and cook ahead of time.  You can use various apps to help you put together a grocery list and recipes to create nutritious meals, diabetes.org can also help.   Here are some apps for meal planning.

Reversing Diabetes

Type II diabetes can be reversed with lifestyle changes that include diet and exercise.  Weight loss, regular exercise and reducing the amount of sugars and unhealthy carbs will all help you reverse your condition.  You want a diet that can help you get back into good health and not make your condition worse.